Absolutely brilliant Craniosacral sessions rooted in deep silence and inner transformation. Sessions with Bruce are an exquisite delight.... and are rooted in his extensive self study and brilliant display of sensitivity and experience based results with such modality of subtle but powerful transformation method. Very deep work.  Sensitive, penetrating and exquisitely mystical in nature. Truly a meditation..

Namaste and thank you



Bruce is an instrument of divine healing. Through a series of Beyond Cranio treatments at Arunachala that he facilitated I experienced a profound and deep healing of past trauma. He is a sensitive compassionate knowledgable intuitive During the 9 sessions I felt free blissful and silent. . Following the sessions the benefits are evident in my daily life as the traumatic memories have receded and a steadfast calmness prevails.  Thank you Bruce



thank you so much for all your wonderful work. you are fantastic. I really appreciate you. and thank you for trying to fit me in. I could make 7am. or 1130am.

if not possible , thank you anyway so much.